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Personal and Group Training

For the baller who is totally sold out to the game, MCBS offers the next level in basketball training.

Be sure to visit the MCBS in Action page to see actual footage of what goes on in our Personal and Group training sessions at the MCBS base facility in Beltsville, Md. The young men and women in the video are all dedicated to reaching their very maximum potential on the basketball court. They're putting in the work that's necessary to continually improve and compete at increasingly higher levels.

We employ state-of-the art equipment and training techniques at MCBS, all under the watchful eye of Marvin Cofield himself. Activities and drills involve:
  • Strength building with weights, body weight, and other apparatus
  • Plyometrics
  • Shooting
  • Ballhandling
  • Offensive Moves
  • Rebounding
  • Balance and coordination
  • Passing
  • Concepts
  • And a lot more
The hourly costs for Personal or Group training are as follows.
  • Personal/Group Fitness Training -- $35/hr
  • Personal/Group Basketball Training
    • Groups of 1-5: $35/hr
    • Groups of 6-10: $30/hr
    • Groups of 11 or more: $25/hr
Please e-mail us if you're ready to sign up for a session or if you have any questions at all: .