To provide quality educational and athletic instruction to all children. We will promote character and provide positive reinforcement to private and public educational institutions to build work ethic, promote self esteem, and increase the quality of life
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About MCBS
At Marvin Cofield Basketball School (MCBS) we're very serious about providing the best, most innovative
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basketball training around for young people (ages 3 and up). That's our core mission. There are other facets to this enterprise, as you will see represented on this Web site. But what we do best, everyday, is prepare kids to play and enjoy the beautiful game of basketball as it was meant to be played. MCBS prepares players for the physical and mental rigors of this great game.

Kids come from as far away as Woodbridge, VA to train at MCBS, located in Beltsville, MD, northern Prince George's County. And we have many successful boys and girls, young men and women on the Washington, D.C., metro area AAU, middle and high school basketball circuits. You can read some of what they had to say about the training and nurturing they have received at MCB over the years in our Testimonials section once it's up and running...soon.

Here is just a quick sample of notable players who MCBS has helped nurture:
  • Lindsey Spann, top-50-rated female guard in the U.S., Good Counsel High School, DC Heat, Penn State University.
  • Corey Stevens -- Bowie State University Bulldogs
  • Brene "Bones" Moseley -- Star point guard Paint Branch High School
  • Cedric Lindsay -- All Met guard for Gonzaga HS, now playing for U. of Richmond:
    "I wouldn't have had the year I had if I hadn't been coming to see Marvin."
And the list goes on. We're even working with one pro player as we speak!

The heart of MCBS consists of:
  • Regular two-hour Sunday Advanced Skills Training
  • One-hour Sunday age-and-skills-based training sessions
  • Weekday strength, cardio and skills training
MCBS also operates a corporate activities arm which is available to businesses, schools, churches, and other organizations to conduct team-building exercises, provide fun games and pastimes, and motivational speaking.

So check out our Web site fully--and be sure to watch the videos in the "Visuals" section. And then come check out a training session. Know this: We love and respect the game of basketball at MCBS, and we have clearly defined philosophies about how the game should be played. It's a team sport first, and we feel that everything you do as a player should be for the benefit of the team. This includes improving your own personal fitness and skill level so that you may be of maximum benefit to your team...and so your coach can ill afford to take you off the floor.

Please e-mail all questions to us at .