To provide quality educational and athletic instruction to all children. We will promote character and provide positive reinforcement to private and public educational institutions to build work ethic, promote self esteem, and increase the quality of life
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The Cofield Story: Maximum effort; thirst for redemption

Where We Came From
In June of 1995 I realized the dream I had since I was 12 years old. I launched my very own basketball school. All we had were two miniature hoops, four basketballs, six hula hoops, and a passion for the underdog. That's all we needed.

We came out of the gates with a handful of students who we trained in the arts of passing, shooting, and ball handling. When members of the health club where we were based began to notice the fun the students were having  they began enrolling their children in the program. Before long, word of mouth had spurred our growth to the point where it became necessary to divvy up the sessions based on ability levels and age. It was inevitable that the health club facility quickly became too small to hold us.

Over the next few years MCBS continued to grow and relocated several times. Our offerings expanded along with our space, and we were able to accommodate more and more student athletes who were eager to be successful at basketball and life.

MCBS is currently housed in the Beltsville Seventh Day Adventist School in Beltsville, MD. That is where our Sunday basketball training sessions are held. We also conduct high-level fitness and training at our Beltsville base site. You can see us in action there on the Visuals page.

How I Became So Maniacal, uh, Passionate
I'll never forget the despair I experienced after I was cut from my high school basketball team my freshman year. And I had worked long and hard on my game the summer leading up to school. Problem was, I didn't have anybody to help train me, to teach me the skills that I didn't even know that I didn't know. Remember, we're talking about the days long before YouTube and DVDs.

In fact, I didn't make my high school team until my junior year, and that was only JV! But I just knew I would make varsity the next year. I was on my way! Sadly, though, it wasn't to be. I won't even get into the gory details. But after getting cut again my senior year, I was burning with determination. I vowed right then that no kid would ever again outwork me in anything I wanted in life. Ever!

With this new resolve I went on to play college basketball, un-recruited, at Division III Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, VA. I even started for two years. You don't have to take my word for what kind of athlete and teammate I had molded myself into at this point. Feel free to contact the current head basketball coach there, Kirby Dean, and just ask him about me. And no, he's not a paid endorser for MCBS.

After college, I went back home, and on the area courts I was absolutely handlin' the same guys who had been chosen ahead of me for the high school team. 

I was blessed to go on to play eight
years of semi-pro basketball with the Winton Fire, based in Winton, NC. I started all eight years I was with them, and made the all-star team twice in the Independent Athletic Association.

So, yeah, like Michael Jordan, I was that overlooked kid in high school. I know how it feels to be cut, a lot, from a basketball team. Hence my passion to help other student athletes avoid that same disappointment, if at all possible. Hence MCBS.

The bottom line is, I went through the rejection of being perceived as "not good enough," the castoff, so that you don't have to.

My Resume
One-year starter on
Murfreesboro High School junior varsity basketball team.

B.S. Physical Education and Kinesiology, Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, VA. Two-year starter for their Royals basketball team. (One year of track and field; 400 meter specialist.)

Eight years semi-pro basketball with Winton Fire, Winton, NC. Started all-eight years; two-year all-star in Independent Athletic Association.

Pre-K -  Grade 12 Teacher Certification.

Teacher of the Year four times (1988 - Colerain Elementary, 1991 - Southwestern Middle, 1984 - Murfreesboro High, and 1994 - Burnt Mills Elementary).

Acting Principal two years in Montgomery County.

Twenty-three years teaching experience.

Boys and girls basketball championships too numerous to count, including the prestigious Potomac Valley Regional girls crown with D.C. Heat girls.

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