Which NBA players are wearing the most ridiculous jerseys

NBA stars have been wearing a lot of ridiculous basketball jerseys over the years.

But there’s one player who’s seemingly never had to worry about getting too ridiculous. 

“The Riveters” star, and current New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani, has a pair of ridiculous Nike sneakers, one of which features a picture of him dressed as a rat in a clown mask.

But he’s not alone in the city.

The NBA has made a habit of using these kinds of outlandish jerseys, as well as using the word “Riot” in them, in order to draw attention to their brand.

The New York Times’ Nick Cafardo reports on how some players have had to deal with the media glare after getting a jersey like this one. 

The RIVETER SHOES, NEW YORK: “I’m just not going to go back on my word.

I’m not going back on the league’s word.”

– New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani”I am not going [back on] the league,” said the star of the “The Riverters” franchise, Rudy, who did not want to be named for fear of his career, in an interview with the Times.

“I am going on my own terms, on my conscience, on the line.” 

The jerseys have also drawn a fair amount of criticism from the public.

“They are not only the most bizarre and out of character, they are also the most racist, the most disrespectful,” said the former NBA All-Star Shaq Kemp, who wears one of the RIVETERS.

“I will be wearing them to work and my son’s basketball game, and I will not go anywhere near them,” said Kemp, whose son plays for the Brooklyn Nets.

“It’s a disgrace, it’s a slap in the face to all black people.”

In a statement, Nike said, “The Nike logo is the symbol of the global brand Nike, and its iconic design has become synonymous with high-quality performance, innovation, and social responsibility.”

It added that the “Riveters” jerseys “reflect the spirit of Nike and embody Nike values, including values of social responsibility, diversity and inclusion.

“In the meantime, Nike is trying to make up for lost time.

In January, the company introduced a new line of Nike Basketball shoes, the “L.A. Kings” series, that will be sold in stores and online starting on Feb. 2.

The shoes will include a pair that features an image of LeBron James, who is also wearing one of those jerseys.

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