How Louisville basketball could make an impact in Louisville next season

The Cardinals are one of the most talented programs in college basketball and could make a big jump in the standings in the coming years if they stay healthy.

The team’s success in the past couple of seasons has been a major reason why the team has had so much success during the NCAA tournament.

The Cardinals, who are ranked second in the nation, are one the most successful programs in the country and they have a good chance of making a run at a national title.

Louisville is in its seventh season at the school, which started in 1996.

The program has won the NCAA Tournament three times and is ranked fourth nationally in the Big East.

The university also has the No. 2 seed in the ACC tournament and the No .

4 seed in Big Ten tournament.

Louisvillar coach Rick Pitino will lead the team into the postseason in 2019.

The Cards are looking to rebound from a disappointing season in which they were upset by No. 3 seed Kansas in the Final Four.

The Cardinals lost to No. 6 seed North Carolina in the national championship game and lost to Oklahoma in the Sweet 16.

The Blue Devils will be one of four teams to win a championship this season.

The Louisville men’s basketball team defeated No. 1 seed Georgia Tech, No. 5 seed Duke and No. 9 seed North Dakota State in the tournament.

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