Adidas unveils Nike+ shoe collection for 2019

Nike is set to release its latest basketball shoe collection, featuring some of the company’s best-selling sneakers.

The brand will release three models, each featuring a signature colorway of the top shoe.

The Adidas+ NBA 1.0 “Fiji” model, which is the most popular basketball shoe, will debut in November 2019.

The “Frozen” model is slated to arrive in March 2020.

The first of the Nike+ NBA 2.0 sneakers will be the “Fury” model.

The shoes will feature a vibrant red colorway with a white outsole.

Nike will also introduce a version of the “Cavaliers” sneaker, featuring the same colorway.

In late 2020, Nike+ will introduce the “Bucks” model in a colorway called “Spartan.”

“This is the latest step in our long-term partnership with Adidas, which has provided our fans with some of their favorite NBA apparel for more than 20 years,” said Paul Neff, Chief Marketing Officer of Nike.

“The new Nike+ Basketball 2.5 is a great addition to the brand’s lineup, which continues to grow and evolve.”

The first Nike+ model, the “NBA 1.5” was released in 2007.

The model has sold more than 5 million of its 13.7 million pairs worldwide.

The second Nike+ basketball shoe in 2019, the Nike LeBron 1.8, was released last summer.

The shoe has sold nearly 8.7 billion pairs worldwide, and the NBA has been able to continue to make high-profile appearances at the event, including the first NBA All-Star Game in 2019.

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