A new college basketball shorts: The Adidas Originals

Adidas Origins, the sports footwear company that made its name in the 1980s, is coming back to the college basketball scene with a new line of college basketball uniforms.

Adidas Origines basketball shorts are expected to launch on September 10.

The Adidas Originates line of basketball shorts will be the first line of collegiate basketball uniforms to be produced by the brand in the United States, according to the brand’s release.

The line, which includes shorts for basketball, volleyball, softball and soccer, is expected to include a range of styles, including a standard model with a high waist, a longer-sleeve version with a medium waist and a shorter-sleeved version with an extra-long waist.

The shorts, which will retail for $70 each, will be available at Adidas Originsthe Adidas Originated stores throughout the country.

Adidas also will release a new range of basketball uniforms featuring the Originals silhouette in fall 2018.

The line includes a pair of high-waisted shorts, a standard and a short, which feature the Adidas Origination logo.

Adidas is also releasing a new short, featuring the AdidasOrigins silhouette.

The shorts also feature the Nike-made mesh material on the waistband and the Nike HyperAdapt technology on the legs.

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