Which teams in the NBA will make the finals?

As the NBA’s regular season nears its end, we’re counting down the top storylines to watch this year.

The Cavs and Celtics, in particular, have already clinched playoff berths, and it’s hard to argue against them.

Boston’s offense is an MVP candidate thanks to Kyrie Irving, and the Cavs have one of the most dominant big men in the game in Kevin Love.

But while Cleveland’s offense may be a big part of its success, the Cavs are just one of many teams in this season’s NBA.

In a way, the conference finals are kind of like the NBA playoffs.

The best teams are going to win, and that’s the way it should be.

But with the way the NBA plays this season, we don’t know if any of the teams will win the conference.

Here’s how the rest of the playoff race looks.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been an unstoppable force in the East for the last three seasons.

They’ve won four of the last five conference titles, and this season they’re riding a 16-game winning streak.

LeBron James is the MVP of this team, and he’s averaging a team-high 25.2 points per game, making his league-leading 30.2th of the season.

Kevin Love is the team’s MVP, and after averaging a career-high 23.2 PPG and 5.4 RPG this season he’s a player everyone is watching closely.

The Cavs also have one all-time great in Isaiah Thomas, who’s been phenomenal this season.

But that doesn’t mean that the team has a shot to win the NBA title.

If Cleveland wins the conference this season and gets to the conference semifinals, the Cavaliers could lose to the Spurs, who are also in the conference final.

Boston is a team that could get to the playoffs this season but is playing with a lot of injuries.

After losing Kevin Love, the Celtics are down to five players on their roster, and they’re starting to get lost in the shuffle.

They’re currently sitting in the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference, but they’re already two games ahead of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This could be a great opportunity for the Celtics to prove themselves against the Cavs.

This season, the Indiana Pacers are one of three teams in all of the Eastern conferences to be undefeated at home.

They have won four straight, including a two-game sweep of the Cavaliers in the first round of the playoffs last year.

Paul George, Lance Stephenson, and Myles Turner are all elite point guards who are scoring at an All-Star level, and Indiana has a star-studded frontcourt.

The Pacers also have a top-10 defense, and if the Celtics get to that level, they could have a chance at making a run.

The Charlotte Hornets are the best team in the West right now.

They boast a team of point guards with superstar Kemba Walker and a dynamic shooting guard in DeMarcus Cousins.

With the addition of Kemba, the Hornets are going into the playoffs with a top 10 defense, an elite scoring offense, and a top five offense.

But there are still questions surrounding the team.

Kemba will miss a lot this season with a broken right leg, and with just six games remaining, things could get ugly for the Hornets.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are one the top teams in a number of categories, including scoring, rebounding, and assists.

They also have superstar point guard Ricky Rubio, and while his game is still developing, he’s already one of those elite players.

Rubio is averaging 15.3 points per night, shooting 40.4 percent from the field, and has the NBA-leading 3.9 assists per game.

He has also made just four 3-pointers in his last seven games, but his defense is a big reason why the Timberwolves have been able to stay in the playoff hunt.

If Minnesota manages to make the playoffs, it’ll be up to Karl-Anthony Towns to carry them.

Minnesota’s defense has improved over the last few years, but this season the Timberwolves lost two key pieces in Andrew Wiggins and Zach LaVine.

They will need a big boost from LaVines big men to be able to match the Timberwolves defense in the playoffs.

The Portland Trail Blazers are one team that has an edge in a lot more ways than just defense.

Damian Lillard, the league’s best 3-point shooter, is one of only five players in the league with at least 30 3-points made this season (he’s second behind Stephen Curry).

But Lillard’s production is not the only reason Portland is a playoff team.

The Blazers have the league-high fourth-highest turnover rate, and LaVining is a monster on offense.

Portland also has the third-highest defensive rating in the Western Conference.

LaViners success could help the Blazers to make a run in the postseason, and could lead to a playoff berth for the first time in

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