What women’s basketball shoes really cost?

The price of women’s tennis shoes has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years, as more women play tennis.

While some brands have been able to keep up with the inflation in the sport, there are still some women’s shoes out there that are priced to be a bit more affordable.

We asked the folks at MOCA to break down the average price of all the women’s sports shoes on the market today.

We wanted to look at what we could find on sale in the United States for this year, so we contacted MOCa to see what the prices were for a pair of Nike Air Max 1.5s and Adidas Air Max Max 1s.

To see what we were able to find, check out our previous Women’s Tennis Shoes Coverage: Women’s Basketball Shoes: Nike Air Air Max, Adidas Air, Adidas Boost, Adidas X-Treme (Black), Adidas XTreme II (Red), Adidas Pro Trainer (Blue), Adidas Superstar (Green) and Adidas Superstars II (Yellow)For a list of all current Nike Air and Adidas models, check our Nike Air model comparison.

There are some shoes on this list that are really pricey, especially if you’re looking for a specific pair.

For instance, the Adidas Xtreme II sneaker is priced at $2,700, and we don’t think you can find a better deal on the pair.

However, if you want to be able to wear a pair with the new Adidas Air X-Plane 4 (or even the new Air Max One), you’re going to have to shell out a little more money.

We recommend using a budget shopping list to see which pairs are available for sale right now, and then making your decision based on what’s available.

Here’s a breakdown of what we found in the US:The Nike Air 1.0 (2017) is one of the most expensive pairs on the list.

It’s listed at $1,950 for a full-size, which is still more expensive than the cheapest pair on the chart.

That’s a pretty significant price difference for the same shoes.

The Nike Pro Trainer 1.1 is listed at a whopping $1.5,200, which means that it’s priced significantly higher than the top-end Adidas Air models, as well.

The Adidas Xtra 2 is listed for $1:35, which isn’t much different from the Nike Air models but is a little higher than what you’re likely to see on the cheaper pairs.

The Adidas Boost is listed as $1;26, which makes it a bit cheaper than the other Adidas models.

The Superstar 2.0 is listed with a price tag of $1 and is slightly more expensive, at $949.

The Adidas XPro 2 is also listed at nearly $1 million, which would be an insane price for a shoe that only lasts for five years.

We were surprised to see that the Adidas Boost was listed at the very bottom of the list, with a lower price tag than the Nike Pro and XPro models.

Even if you don’t care for Nike shoes, we’re sure they’re worth the extra cash, so be sure to grab a pair when they become available.

We also found that the Nike XTREER 2 is a great value for the money, with an MSRP of $2.2 million.

As always, we encourage you to visit our Women’s Baseball Shoes section for more on the latest women’s soccer shoes.

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