Man who saved NBA purse to support wife in medical emergency dies at 84

A man who saved $10 million for his wife during her emergency medical treatment for a cancer diagnosis has died, his son said Friday.

Derek and Barbara Burch were driving to the New York City office of Mayo Clinic when their SUV caught fire, according to a statement from his son, Scott.

The vehicle’s doors had to be opened, and the Burchs’ insurance company paid the bill for their emergency care, according a statement on his website.

Dale Burch, 47, was found dead Friday morning in his home, his office and the hospital, his daughter, Laura Burch said.

He was an avid golf and tennis player and had been diagnosed with breast cancer in October, according the statement.

The family has hired a private investigator and will continue to seek justice for his family, Laura said in a statement.

His death was devastating to his family and the entire Burch family, Scott Burch wrote.

“I will always love him and I will always miss him.”

Dale was a successful lawyer, with his wife of 25 years, Barbara, and a son, Ryan, who is also a lawyer, according his son.

He had been battling cancer for about three years, and had a pacemaker, Scott said.

Duke Ellington, a lawyer who represented the family, said the Burshes were devastated by the news.

The couple had planned to marry in 2019, but have not been able to do so because of the diagnosis, Ellingston said.

He described Dale as a hardworking, hardworking family man.

He is survived by his wife, Barbara; their four children and a stepdaughter, Jessica.

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