Which teams will win the East in the 2018-19 Big East?

With the 2018 conference tournament underway and the regular season winding down, the East will look to make it six conference games before the conference finals in 2019.

This is expected to take place in the Big East Tournament in Dayton, Ohio. 

With the addition of Ohio State and Purdue as the first teams to play in the conference, the league is set to make a splash this season. 

The Buckeyes have been one of the top programs in the country, and they’ll be looking to get into the postseason for the first time since 2015.

Purdue is also coming off a national title and a Big Ten title. 

Despite this, the Bulldogs have not had a winning season since 2014. 

While the Buckeyes are a solid team, they have had some issues this season with their offensive line. 

On paper, Purdue is a tough team to play. 

Although the Bulldogs are a good team, it will be tough to score against a team like Ohio State. 

Another question that the Bulldogs face is their defense. 

A lot of the problems the Bulldogs had on offense came from their defense, and a lot of that came from the secondary. 

One of the best defensive lines in the nation, Purdue will look for a lot from their corners. 

Purdue is going to need a lot more help from their secondary this season than last. 

This season, Purdue has allowed a lot, and while it may not be a record year, they are still among the worst teams in the league. 

Last season, Ohio State won the conference championship. 

It will be interesting to see if Purdue can continue to get to the conference tournament and get a win against Ohio State again this season, but it will also be interesting how the Big Ten is playing. 

Ohio State will be looking for its first conference title since 2015, and it will need to get wins against top teams like Michigan State, Michigan, and Wisconsin to be a threat. 

If Ohio State wins those games, they’ll go into the Big 12 as a top team. 

Michigan and Wisconsin will be battling for the second spot, and this will be a tough match-up for the Wolverines. 

Both teams are also going to be looking forward to playing each other. 

Indiana and Iowa State have been solid in conference play, but they also had a couple of losses to top teams in conference games. 

These two teams are the most talented teams in both conferences, but both teams are in the playoff race and could have trouble if they lose. 

Iowa is still in the running to be the first team to win the conference. 

In the Big 10, Missouri and North Dakota State are battling for a spot in the championship game. 

Mizzou has had a strong season, and the Wolfpack are one of those teams that will be hard to beat. 

North Dakota State is also in the top three in both the AP poll and S&P+ rankings. 

They are a strong team and will be one of them to beat the Tigers this season as well. 

Maryland and Rutgers are also in contention to make the tournament. 

After Maryland, Rutgers is the last team to make that big of a splash, but this year, Rutgers has shown a lot to make up for that. 

There will be no surprise to see a strong Big Ten slate this year as well, as the conference will feature two teams that are ranked in the AP Top 25. 

Penn State is expected as a strong favorite to win Big Ten Conference play, and will face a tough test against Michigan State.

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