When will VCU basketballs season start?

On Saturday, November 10, the Cavaliers are set to face the Washington State Cougars in a nationally televised game at 5:30 p.m.

ET at Providence Park.

The Cavaliers have already been in the national spotlight this season, as the Cavaliers reached the Sweet 16 and reached the Elite Eight.

They have won nine games and have advanced to the Final Four.

The season opener between VCU and Washington State has been announced as the game between the two teams that will be televised on ESPNU.

The game will also be televised live on ESPN2.

Tickets for the game will go on sale on Monday, November 14 at noon.

Tickets can be purchased at any of the following Ticketmaster locations:Vincent’s Wine & Liquor, 718-734-7333Vincent, 877-444-6244Vince, 781-534-5999Vince’s, 785-621-9090Vincent Wine & Distillery, 765-622-1401Vincent & Co., 765 627-2414Vinnie’s Wine, 782-826-8200Vinnie & Co. , 781 562-1499Vinnie Vino, 784 546-1233VinnieVino, 760-859-1250Vinnie, 704-636-9200Vintage Wine, 888-971-9222Vintage Liquors, 838-921-9640Vintage Spirits, 818-838-0474Vintage Tobacco, 832-639-9910Vietnamese Liquors and Distillers, 844-624-4223Worcester, MA, 02360Borrenton, VA, 20130Somerset, NH, 01054Hampden, MA 02145Taunton, VT, 02554Nassau, NY, 09081Lincoln, NE, 01092Nashua, NY 11371New Bedford, MA 02561Fitchburg, VT 02560Brockton, MA 01401Belmont, MA 04107Lebanon, NH 02541New Bedford Beach, MA 07103Maine, NH 06113Portsmouth, NH 03144Milton, NH 05144Manchester, NH 07115New Haven, NH 08121Hampshire, NH 04126Hartford, NH 10261Worthington, NH 11265Middlesex, NH 12031Rutland, NH 13019Southbury, NH 14011Dover, NH 14412Truro, NH 15104Lancaster, NH 16051West Chester, NH 16510Middletown, NJ 07102Hudson, NY 14115New Brunswick, NJ 08123South Plainfield, NJ 09115North Brunswick, New Jersey 08116Norfolk, NJ 14121Camden, NJ 12117Trenton-Essex, NJ 13913Lancastro, NJ 14414Camden-Trent, NJ 15155Manahawkin, NJ 15040North Brunswick-Manahaws-Manamays, NJ 16116Somersets, NJ 15740Cape May, NJ 16940Camden Center, NJ 17943Norfolk Center, New Brunswick, Middlesex, and Sussex, NJ 20912Norfolk-Esplanade, NJ 20026Hudspeth, NJ 20811Camden Junction, NJ 21115Newark-Hackensack, NJ 23126Lancasters Point, NJ 23717Norfolk Centre, Camden, Middleseville, and Essex, NJ 23816Newark, NJ 23930Essex-Hackney, NJ 29127Norfolk Beach, NJ 31210Norfolk Lakes, NJ 31531Somers, NJ 32621Worchester, NJ 33042Trent-Somershire, NJ 33124Somersonton, NJ 37123Camden Hills, NJ 37712Southampton, NJ 39122Camden Central, NJ 47801Somersett, NJ 45303Camdenville, NJ 50330South Camden, NJ 51334South Gloucester, NJ 54404Somersington, NJ 59041Hudenhall, NJ 61110South Orange, NJ 65121Somersondale, NJ 67122South Gloucestershire, NH 68121Cambridge, MA 52712Cambridge Center, Cambridge, Cambridge University, Cambridge College, Cambridge Observatory, Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge Center, Bridgewater, Bridgewater State, Bridgewater University, Bridgewater Institute, Bridgewater Medical Center, Boston Medical Center Boston, Boston University, Boston Veterans Hospital, Boston Healthcare, Boston Hospital, Beth Israel, Boston Health, Boston Children’s Hospital, Brown University, Brown’s, Brookline, Brown, Brown State, Browning, Brown-Jackson School of Law

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