Puma shoes get the #BlackLivesMatter treatment, but this year, we’re looking to make a change

By Steve LangenbergPublished Mar 11, 2016 12:24AMHBO and the “Black Lives Matter” movement have a new ad campaign.

The ad campaign, which will be released Friday, features celebrities and actors of color.

The video begins with a shot of actor Margo Martindale and shows her talking about how she was the first person in her family to go to college.

The camera pans to the back of the studio where a group of black men, wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the words “I’m Not a Black Person,” are holding signs that read, “We are not afraid to be different.”

A short while later, a black man named James Jones, wearing a black hoodie and a baseball cap, walks in with a camera, taking pictures of the group of men and asking for their autograph.

The ad ends with a scene from “Malcolm X,” with two people talking, one smiling and the other holding a sign.

It all has a message.

It says “No Matter what color you are, you are not alone.

There are others like you.

That’s why we need you, because you’re not alone.”

This is the second time the Puma shoe company has used the #blacklivesmatter hashtag.

Last year, the company released a video with actors and celebrities of color and included a message from Black Lives Matter founder Michael Eric Dyson, who urged people to stand up for black people.

Last year, Puma announced the launch of a “Black &White” shoe line, which is inspired by the Black Lives Matters movement.

The brand announced the first pair of shoes were to launch this month.

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