How to stop the #TrumpTrain: An Inside Guide to Making the Case for the Left’s Anti-Trump Movement

I’m not an activist.

I’m a journalist.

My job is to ask questions.

But in the case of the Louisville basketball team, I was intrigued by a few things.

I started researching the team after a recent trip to Louisville, where they played in the NCAA Tournament.

There were rumors of a possible boycott of the team if the players weren’t allowed to wear the uniform.

But the players are not allowed to use the team name.

The Louisville Post-Dispatch reports that the players were given a letter to the effect of, “We are not the Louisville Cardinals.

We are the #UofLFootballTeam.

Please wear the #LOUISVILLEBRONCOS jersey.”

The letter reads, in part:We are NOT the Louisville Cards.

We represent Louisville, Kentucky, and our fans.

We will not be allowed to take our jersey off, and we will NOT wear it.

We have not yet been offered an official jersey.

The letter was sent by a lawyer with the team, and it was not immediately clear what legal advice the team had received.

It is not clear whether the letter was intended to be shared publicly or whether it was just part of a series of letters.

But when I reached out to the team for comment, the team’s public relations director, Josh Brown, wrote that the team was “not taking this letter seriously and has no intention of taking this action.

The team has reached out and contacted us to see if we can assist them in any way.”

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