Fla. baseball star’s life and career end in horrific crash

St. Bonaventure baseball star Kyle Farrar died on Friday, just weeks after being seriously injured when his SUV hit a pole on the way to a game in Fort Myers.

He was 41.

Farrar was killed when his car struck a tree on a highway near a school on Thursday.

A Florida Highway Patrol officer was driving Farrars car.FARRAR’S LIFE AND CAREER END IN HORRIFIC CRASH Kyle FARRAR Kyle FARAR FARRARS death on Friday has left a hole in the hearts of many people.FARARS father said his son was a very loving, caring person.

His wife said she was just in shock and that she was trying to come to terms with it all, said Kyle FARIAR, Kyle FARS father.FARIARS mother said she’s lost everything in that crash.

She was driving home to Fort Myers when her husband’s SUV struck a pole, killing him instantly.

FARRARD was one of the best hitters in baseball and a former captain on the St. Vincent High School baseball team.

Farrard was a three-time All-American.FARS death has stunned Fort Myers, where Kyle FARCAR grew up.

The area is near Fort Myers Lake, home to the Florida Keys.

FARCARS brother, Brett, said FARRARDS life was in the balance.

Brett FARRARRARD Brett FARARDS death has rocked Fort Myers and St. Augustine.

FARARS brother and St Vincent High football coach, Brett FARCARD, said his family was praying for his family.

The driver of the SUV who struck the pole in the accident was arrested.

The investigation is ongoing.FARCARDS family was not allowed to see the video from the crash.

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