How to get a job at Minnesota Gophers

Gophers basketball coach Brad Underwood has made it clear he doesn’t care if his team can win a game this season.

That doesn’t mean he won’t have his sights set on another title.

The Gophers are set to play in the Big Ten tournament, which is the conference tournament every year for the past 15 years.

It’s an important tournament for every team, especially if you’re a top-10 team.

But Underwood knows it’s not just about the tournament.

It means a lot for a team to be in the national spotlight.

The Big Ten Tournament is played in front of thousands of fans.

But the Gophers have an official contract with the NCAA to play the tournament, and they’ve earned that right with victories over Michigan State, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Underwood wants to take home the trophy.

His decision to not play is a bit of a shock to the NCAA, which has a tradition of awarding the title to a program that wins a national championship.

But Underwood said he wasn’t going to be upset if the Gopher didn’t win.

Underwoods has been a coach for 25 years and has won two Big Ten titles.

Underwood also is looking to build a team that can be competitive in a championship-season schedule.

The Gophers could be the first team in the nation to win a title at the Big 12 Tournament and the first to win in the conference Tournament in its history.

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